Hotel Château la Roca is situated in Sancibrián, barely 4 km from the centre of Santander, in the municipal area of Santa Cruz de Bezana Scroll


Virgen del Mar beach

The Virgen del Mar beach offers great tranquility, a wonderful environment, a sandy beach and small coves to enjoy sun and beach tourism and also enjoy fishing.

Secluded beach nestled in a rocky environment and located next to the Virgen del Mar hermitage. Ample parking

Arnía Beach

Beach embraced by a cliff and sheltered from the north and west winds. It also stands out for its environment in which we can contemplate broad levels originated by the action of the sea. From its cliffs we can see Liencres (Piélagos) and La Virgen del Mar (Santander).

The accesses to this beach are good. To get to it and if we come from the hotel we will have to continue in the direction of Liencres and at the height of the crossing of Las Higueras (Soto de la Marina) we will take its deviation to the right. This beach offers all the services in summer.

Covachos Beach

This beach is distinguished by being located in a privileged enclave where nature has wanted to show itself in all its splendor since we only have to look forward and observe the beautiful totem that stands out greatly in the environment. This rock formation is especially beautiful at low tide when the passage of sand that joins the rock to the cliff is exposed.
The accesses are identical to those of Arnía Beach, only once you have reached the top you have to take a right turn.

San Juan de la Canal beach

This beach is one of the most visited during the summer season as it welcomes numerous visitors from Santander and nearby areas, as well as tourists from various European countries. Therefore, this beach has had to adapt to the new times so that its access and environment have been significantly improved while its quality of services and water have earned it the blue flag that highlights the best beaches and the most Suitable for the bathroom. Parking at the beach


Recently built, the promenade of Soto de la Marina has a length of 1.2 kilometers over cliffs. This coastal path goes to San Juan de la Canal, where it ends in a field of recreation of wooden tables and benches and a children's playground. The path, made of soft pavement to make the walk more comfortable, is protected by a wooden railing. In addition and to save the "Canal" has a wooden walkway of more than 36 meters in length.

Somocuevas Beach

The nudist beach of Somocuevas is a small beach with little equipment but perfect to enjoy a beautiful landscape and perfect to enjoy nudism.

The access to the beach of Somocuevas is complicated despite the construction of wooden stairs that take us to the beach. It's worth it anyway

Enjoy the waters of this beautiful beach.

Portio Beach

Portio Beach is a small beach, protected by the large rocks that surround it, some of which stand out from the water.

Valdearenas Beach

Valdearenas beach is a beach of golden sand, fine sand and dunes. It is a windy beach and strong waves.

Behind the beach are the dunes, which are considered one of the most important in Northern Spain, due to its geomorphological interest, presenting particular ecological and landscape features.

It is very attractive to the visitor because of its rugged surroundings.

Parking on the beach.

Canallave Beach

It offers excellent conditions for surfing, with waves on sand bottoms, not too long but intense

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